Nearing the Pod

Hello! I wish I could be at the meeting that this is going to be presented at, but I had an appointment that took higher precedence. Alright, so what we have here is a site that is controlled by the teacher when in use. Nearpod allows for teachers to share highly interactive lessons with the rest of the class. With this interactive site, the teacher collects real-time results from submissions by the students. When a lesson is getting ready to be started, there is a choice of “Live Lesson” and “Student-paced”. With live lesson, the teacher controls the time in which the lesson happens, but with student-paced, the students themselves control how fast the lesson goes by.


Whenever you pick the format in which to start your lesson, a 5-letter code appears that you can share with your students through email, link, social media, and google classroom. Shared, students are then able to put in the password in order to join the lesson. Throughout different lessons, there are many ways in which to review or teach. Personally, in French with Madame McDonie, we have used this to draw different words. Now, there is just having texts and submitting, but that’s pretty boring isn’t it? When the answers are submitted, the teacher then has the ability to look at each answer to individually to assess the students’ capabilities, and also has the ability to share with the classroom the different answers. Not only is there lesson and review capabilities with Nearpod, but there are quizzes on Nearpod too. Honestly, I could say, with what experience I have with it, Nearpod is a great tool in class. If you wish to ask further questions, you can come down to the help desk during 3rd period or email me at

First App Review (Quizlet)

Quizlet’s an online learning tool that allows for students to join in a class. The teacher is able to put up vocabulary for the class so that the students may be able to study them online. Some of the many study abilities are: flashcards, learn, speller, test, and the games scatter and gravity (with leaderboards to inspire competition between students to see who’s better). These different categories of study habits allow for the students to find what works for them and have the best studies they can accomplish.Screenshot 2016-09-02 at 10.19.52 AM

         I myself have used Quizlet many times before and I adore using it. Although I only have one class on Quizlet, I use use it to study often; which is a big deal since I’ve never exactly studied that long before now, if ever. For teachers, Quizlet allows them to see who studied, how they studied, and how well they did with it. This allows for recording of the previous knowledge and/or progress. This is a link to obtain from Chrome Webstore. This is a link to obtain from Google Play Store. This is a link to obtain from ITunes Store.