One Tab To Rule Them All

Alright! So I know I haven’t posted in quite some time, but I’m here with an EdTech post. This post we’ll be going over OneTab. If you’ve even seen a teacher’s amount of tabs or wanted to be able to sort your tabs, it goes to show that there is a lot of tabs in need of reduction. With this app you will be able to go worry-free about that. This extension doesn’t improve learning directly, but it can lower the anxiety to make sure you have the tab, allows for quick access later, and helps those with OCD as well.


Now the above image isn’t directly from my chromebook, but you see that it puts all of your tabs into one. When they are in the tab like this, you just have to click the tab to open it back to a regular tab. To maximize the sorting, open the tabs for each class one at a time and then click the extension. By doing this, your tabs will be put into different sections of the screen. Because I have always hated seeing so many tabs, I wanted to introduce this to all of you. If this helps you, leave a comment so that I know I’m doing well with my content.



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