First Semester Exam

My proposal is to gather enough Ipad Mini 2s to distribute more throughout the classrooms. The idea is to get 12 carts along with enough Ipads to fill each cart. Each cart is retailed at 499.88 US dollars to come at 5,998.56 US dollars. Each Ipad Mini 2 is retailed at 269 US dollars and to fill each cart, it costs 6,456 US dollars to come at 77,472 US dollars. The cost of all of this reduces the money available to 16,529.44 US dollars. In order to keep up with the available Wi-Fi, there will be a need to include more connection points as to not slow down the tablets when in use. Also, we will need to hire 2 more tech supports to distribute between the other 2 buildings. The availability of the carts will now be 4 in each building with 2 left over to be arranged by necessity. The remaining money shall be used in order to support the tech support, people hired to install the Wi-Fi connections, etc. (in order to maintain as well).

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