Ruby is Better than Sapphire

I happened to be out a lot when this happened, but I got caught up as much as I could when we learned Ruby. Ruby is probably the simplest coding I have seen or done. When you have to put in a lot of code for one simple command, you could have Ruby do it for half as much work because it does it for you. We learn ruby off of Treehouse, but you could learn it from different sources.


Ruby is just the filler of an outline: Ruby on Rails. As of now, we haven’t dived into what this is or its purpose. Ruby is happening to have a great growth in programmers, happening to come as popular as C++, Java, Python, etc. We haven’t seen the possibility of this being able to develop games, so if that is what you’re looking for, I wouldn’t recommend this. Because of the simplicity of the programs, I would recommend this to starters. This program is more of strings and methods, so this is great practice for creating connections that can develop into other programming methods (such as Javascript).


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