Google Inbox Review

Google Inbox is a program directly related to Gmail. For some, Google Inbox is an improvement upon Gmail because of the reminders, snoozes, etc. A new function for Google Inbox is that the folders that are put in to sort the emails are directly put into the feed. Unlike Gmail, this program allows for you to set up reminders that can be sent to you at a time that you specify. A thing that I find frustrating about Google Inbox is that I can’t directly click an email without having to open the folder first. It’s not that big of a deal, but I want my email to be easily accessed, and without folders. Something that I do like about Google Inbox is the reminders that can be set up.

uegsdbtiabm4utxl566b               Personally, I wouldn’t recommend Google Inbox unless you would prefer the folders or the reminding feature. I myself prefer my emails in a straight file down the page with the ability to click a view and go back quickly. I would recommend this to teachers so that they could organize their emails according to what is more important, and what they actually want to see.


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