First Weekly Reflection

This is my first reflection for the week of August 21st to August 26th. So far this week there hasn’t been anything very interesting, but I think that there is going to be something more interesting. For whatever reason, I suspect we’ll have a broken chromebook by the end of the quarter. It doesn’t have to be specifically my class period, but I think it’ll happen. One thing I have learned this week is making this blog and the way to navigate this. A frustrating thing this week was when there wasn’t much to do, but it got a little more busy so I had more stuff to do this class (blog included as more stuff).

Today we got a new way to keep track of the loaners going out and coming back. As I’m making this post, I don’t remember what the password is to unlock the chromebook we are using to do this new way, so I’m going to ask the teacher after this post so we will be able to do it. At the beginning of this period we had a swarm of students getting their chromebooks charged, so that’s why I have to get the password written down on a reminder post-it.

So I think that’ll be all for today’s post. Hopefully in the future posts, I’ll have more interesting things to posts, but thanks for reading anyways.